Sustainable Personal Training

Sustainable Personal Training is based on units of 60 minutes each and provides for a development of the physical physique, the physical consciousness, as well as a pain-free life. The following 6 areas are trained:


Whether you are a competitive athlete, office worker, general sports lover or even a beginner - an increase in your self is certain in any case. By working specifically with your own body, a wooden stick, tennis balls & other tools, the focus is shifted away from the machines and towards yourself. Thus an improvement of your physical fitness, your agility, mobility, coordination, reaction ability, rhythmic ability and much more is guaranteed.

But the biggest benefit is: You get to know yourself and your body in a new way! 

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 Sustainable Personal Training


Nowadays more and more people are concerned with a healthy and conscious lifestyle. The gym has become a second home for many. However, one essential component is being forgotten in the whole fitness trend:

Movement Complexity - the body has a function - use it!

Looking good and having an alleged health is in focus nowadays of our society. 

True health, however, comes from mobility - Mobility stops aging!

There is no point in having muscles but not being able to move properly. Instead, it is of great advantage to be physically fit and mobile. The human being is the most complex living being on our earth, because of his genetics and evolution he brings everything with it to perform any kind of movement. Due to everyday life situations like lying, sitting and physical inactivity, people limit theirselves in their movements and become stiff. The conclusion of this - humans become IMMOVABLE. - How mobile are you?!



S A M o t i o n

Trial Session 20 €

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