SAMotion is a holistic training concept. It is designed to build up your body in the areas of strength, flexibility, mobility, coordination, balance, rhythm, reaction and much more. If you think that you are not sweating, you are completely wrong. The deeply effective work with your body ensures that muscle groups in your body are addressed, which you did not know existed until now! 


Conventional fitness courses are no longer up-to-date. And thanks to Corona, we are becoming more and more aware that there is much more at stake than just burning calories! People want to get to know their bodies better, have fun exercising, learn new movements, train together with other people in a playful way, get qualitative tips from their coach.

Locations in Berlin

We want participants who want more than just a sixpack, legs, a butt or a chest workout!

Courses (Duration 60 Min.)


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Movement Complexity - the body has a function - Use it!

There is no point in having muscles but not being able to move properly. Instead, it is of great advantage to be physically fit and mobile. The human being is the most complex living being on our earth, because of his genetics and evolution he brings everything with him to perform any kind of movement. Due to his everyday life (lying, sitting, physical inactivity), however, people limit theirselves in their movements and become stiff. The conclusion of this - human becomes IMMOVABLE. - How mobile are you?!

True health comes from mobility -> mobility stops aging!



S A M o t i o n

Trial Session 20 €

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