Company Fitness - Move your Company

What can you expect?!

Move Your Company is a program which is especially designed for companies and their specific needs when it comes to training. This program strengthens the sense of community, provides fun and fights any back and joint problems. Nothing stands in the way of achieving a more comfortable and symptom-free working environment for you and your employees.

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Working with their own body weight, wooden sticks and tennis balls enables employees to become fit and vital in a completely new way. The most varied exercises provide for a better body awareness, a significantly increased flow of movement, as well as an increase in mobility and well-being.

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Problems of busy employees

√ Tension in the neck & shoulder area

√ Significant Back Pain

√ Loss of drive

√ Locked vertebra

√ Sleeping Problems

√ Head aches

√ a sunken body

√ muscular tensions


more sleep quality
free of pain
fun at work
quality of life