Karimu Samuels Your Personal Trainer in Berlin

Movement is omnipresent in nature from the cell to the large organism - like in trees, water, humans etc..

I started my movement journey with soccer and tennis in my younger years! My professional experience as a personal trainer began during my studies at the German Sport University in Cologne. In that time I trained models, actors and and popular company directors. After a couple of years I continued my career as an athletics coach at the football club S.C. Fortuna Cologne.

In order to develop myself further in fitness, personal training and learn more about different fitness trends, I decided to go to Los Angeles for a few months in early 2017. However, I have gained experience on a completely different level than I expected - namely that of my own physical consciousness. Understanding the correct locomotion was the key and also the beginning of what I practice today as a coach.

Through my additional years of passion as a dancer I got a whole new body feeling through the knowledge I gained. I became aware that it is not about having an aesthetic and muscular body, but to be able to use this aesthetic body in all its facets and possibilities.

Karimu Samuels

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