S A M o t i o n 

by Karimu Samuels


You would like to become physically fit an supple again with a long lasting effect? You live in Berlin? SAMotion responds to your individual needs and combines them with a special method of sustainability. Together we will find the origin of your movement and get your body in top shape.


Sustainable Personal Training in Berlin

Sustainable Training

Sustainable training is based on original, natural and fluid movements, paired with specific body awareness exercises to improve your performance. A noticeable long-term effect is guaranteed.


  • Creation of  a functional body

  • Strength and muscle building for more efficiency

  • Strengthens communication within the body through body awareness

  • Improves performance of professional athletes

  • Increases individual motivation

  • No more sleeping problems

  • Weight reduction

To be able to use the body in its holistic functionality is an art. Get to know the basic principles and develop a force that enables you to move your body with ease.

There is no point in having muscles but not being able to move properly. Instead, it is of great advantage to be physically fit and mobile. The more fluid & supple a movement looks on the outside, the more economical & efficient it is.

To use your body in its complexity you have to be able to control it first! A better body feeling / consciousness provides for improved coordination which automatically leads to more quality in life.

What does sustainability mean: Being able to use what you have learned for yourself in the future. A development of movement flow through understanding and deep working with the body. A variety of movements from simple to more complex movement patterns, which can be called up at any time.

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